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Project Management

All of our timber plantations are carefully managed, controlled and supervised byprunning a paulownia tree - iPaulownia - project management an expert technical team of agro scientist advisors, biologists and forestry professionals with many years of experience. In addition to successfully establishing more than 500 hectares of paulownia plantation in Spain, Romania, Italy and South America, members of the European Paulownia Network have managed and been directly responsible for thousands of hectares of vineyards, almonds, olives and many other agricultural projects over the last 30 years.

For an annual fee, we manage the entire production cycle from supplying our patented paulownia trees to the future sale of the paulownia timber, including land preparation, installing irrigation systems, planting, fertilising, watering, pruning, cutting and delivering the timber to the market.  Looking after a paulownia plantation requires regular and continuous attention to maximise performance.

We work closely with local town halls who are keen on what they view as important local contributions to their economy, employment and land usage.  We employ and train local labour and also subcontract to professional service providers to provide maintenance and installation services under our instruction and supervision.

At anytime, investors are welcome to visit their plantation to be guided through the progress and updated with latest achievements.  Plantation progress reports are provided on a quarterly basis and we encourage a friendly regular dialogue to maintain a continuing project involvement.

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