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Surf Kits

Surf kits made of paulownia wood for anyone interested in making their own wooden surfboard. Wide range of different paulownia products for the surf industry. Skins for surfboards, edge glued boards, beams, 1 and 2mm veneer, and anything you can think of in terms of paulownia wood for your surf kits. If you dont find what you are looking for, contact us. We are certain we can help!

Paulownia blanks for surfboards

Paulownia blanks for surfboards for sale. Build your own paulownia wooden Alaia surfboard with paulownia blanks. Custom sizes.
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Paulownia skins for wooden surfboards 5mm

Paulownia skins for the construction of wooden surfboards. Very light and strong. Make your own sustainable surfboard!
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Paulownia Edge Glued Panel

Paulownia Edge Glued Panels for sale. High quality paulownia panels for sale made in Spain. Light, strong and easy to work. Different sizes available.
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Stocklist of small packages of paulownia timber for sale

Sawn paulownia timber packages for sale. Paulownia wood cultivated in Spain. Light, strong and easy to work with.
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