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Paulownia Trees for Sale

Our paulownia trees are a patented trademark variety that have been over 10 years under development to ensure best quality and performance. Our paulownia trees are carefully cultivated in our laboratory, the largest invitro laboratory in Spain and the second largest in Europe. We offer a hybrid interspecific clone of paulownia Elongata x paulownia Fortunei with a registered trademark variety: COT2. The timber obtained from these paulownia trees has been tested and certified with the QWF Quality Stamp, which will enhance the value of the timber. If you are looking for good quality paulownia trees for sale, please, contact us to request a quote or further information.

Ornamental hybrid paulownia trees for sale

Mature ornamental hybrid paulownia trees for sale for landscaping. Heights from 2-5 meters and average diameters of 5-10cm. Cultivated in Spain. Excellent as shade trees.
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Hybrid Paulownia Cotevisa 2® Elongata x Fortunei – Cont14

Large hybrid paulownia plants for sale: Paulownia Elongata x Paulownia Fortunei. Our hybrid paulownia trees are approx. 30 cm tall in a 1.5 litre pot. Over 6 months of cultivation in nursery. Most suitable for short summer cycles.
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Hybrid Paulownia tree Cotevisa 2® – P. Elongata x Fortunei – TK9x9

High quality medium size hybrid paulownia Cotevisa 2® for sale in 0.5L pots. Buy paulownia Cotevisa 2® directly from nursery at best prices. Fastest growing hardwood on the planet. Suitable for most conditions.
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