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Paulownia products for sale

Wide selection of quality paulownia furniture for sale coming soon! If you are a timber manufacturer and have a paulownia project in mind, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Wood Yoga block

Wood yoga block made of solid paulownia wood from sustainable plantations grown in Spain. Light, natural and anti-slip material.
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Solid paulownia wood table top (10cm thick)

10cm thick solid paulownia wood table top. Made of 100% sustainable paulownia wood grown in Spain. Naturally beautiful and of excellent quality. Accepts any type of varnish and lacquers.
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Paulownia Edge Glued Panel

Paulownia Edge Glued Panels for sale. High quality paulownia panels for sale made in Spain. Light, strong and easy to work. Different sizes available.
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Rustic bench natural paulownia wood

Rustic bench made of natural paulownia wood from trees cultivated on sustainable paulownia plantations in Spain. Natural finish. Great for gardens and parks.
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Natural paulownia wood side table

Natural paulownia wood side table from spanish paulownia sustainable plantations. Made with the superior part of the trunk and the branches of the paulownia tree.
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Paulownia sawdust

Paulownia sawdust for sale. One of the most absorbent sawdust in the market. Indicated for bed of horses and urinals of other domestic animals.
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Rough sawn paulownia wooden slices for sale

Rough sawn paulownia wooden slices for sale. Paulownai wood cultivated in Spain. Sustainable plantations, using one same hybrid specie: paulownia elongata x paulownia fortunei. Lightweight wooden slices of different sizes available. Customize your order.
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Paulownia Wooden Slices with vintage transfer

Decorated Paulownia wooden slices with vintage transfers for sale. Excellent wedding gift idea to your guests. Paulownia wooden coaster.
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