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Paulownia Honey – 100% natural and pure

Paulownia honey 100% natural and pure. Harvested and bottled in Spain. Light and excellent in taste and flavour. Eclusive and limited production.
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Wood Yoga block

Wood yoga block made of solid paulownia wood from sustainable plantations grown in Spain. Light, natural and anti-slip material.
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Paulownia skins for wooden surfboards 5mm

Paulownia skins for the construction of wooden surfboards. Very light and strong. Make your own sustainable surfboard!
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Solid paulownia wood table top (10cm thick)

10cm thick solid paulownia wood table top. Made of 100% sustainable paulownia wood grown in Spain. Naturally beautiful and of excellent quality. Accepts any type of varnish and lacquers.
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Stocklist of small packages of paulownia timber for sale

Sawn paulownia timber packages for sale. Paulownia wood cultivated in Spain. Light, strong and easy to work with.
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Large paulownia timber sales > 2m3

Large paulownia timber sales packages available for orders above 2m3. Price on request.
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Hybrid Paulownia tree Cotevisa 2® – P. Elongata x Fortunei – TK9x9

Hybrid paulownia tree Cotevisa 2® in 0.5L pots. Certified paulownia trees. Maximum performance and quality timber production. Temperatures of -20ºC to 50ºC.
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Paulownia beams for sale

Paulownia beams for sale from paulownia trees grown in Spain. Sustainable plantations. Lightweight paulownia beams with solid structure usable for construction or carpentry. Very popular for surfboards building.
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