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paulownia wooden skins for surfboard
paulownia wooden skins for surfboardPaulownia skins for surfboards5mm paulownia skins

Paulownia skins for wooden surfboards 5mm

Paulownia skins for the construction of hollow wooden surfboards.

Paulownia wood has unique characteristics. Due to its flexibility, lightweight and the fact that it doesn’t absorb water, there is a high demand for paulownia wood for the construction of wooden surfboards.

Currently, the material which surfboards are built is very pollutant and the industry is looking for alternative materials for the construction of these products. If you want to build your own wooden surfboard from sustainable paulownia wood, we offer different packages of paulownia skins for wooded surfboards.

Available packages: 

Paulownia skins for wooden surfboards stock

There are different ways to use paulownia wood to make sustainable wooden surfboards; hollowing out of wooden beams, covering the foam / ESP vacuuming with paulownia sheet veneers or building them hollow with a skeleton and using the paulownia skins for wooden surfboards.

For other measures and packages, visit the stocklist here.

These packages of paulownia skins for wooden surfboards are rough sawn finish. This allows the client to finish the wood according to their specifications. They come with a higher thickness to allow sanding (approximate thickness of 6 to 8mm).

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