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Paulownia honey – iPaulownia
Paulownia honey – iPaulowniaPaulownia honey – iPaulowniaPaulownia honey – iPaulownia

Paulownia Honey – 100% natural and pure

Paulownia honey 100% natural and pure.

Pure honey from environmentally sustainable paulownia plantations.

The honey of paulownia is characterized for being very light and having an excellent flavor.

It contains 20.7% of paulownia pollen and 12.9% of orange blossom pollen, which provides a very pleasant citrus note.

The jar contains 500gr or pure filtered honey.

This honey has not been heated, pasteurized or treated, retaining all its natural properties. If honey crystallizes, it is a natural process and it proves the purity of the honey. If you prefer to have liquid honey, heat it in a water bath or in the microwave at low power.

Paulownia honey harvested and bottled in Spain.

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