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3 years old paulownia trees for sale – iPaulownia
3 years old paulownia trees for sale – iPaulowniaOrnamental hybrid paulowniaOrnamental hybrid paulownia

Ornamental hybrid paulownia trees for sale

Ornamental hybrid paulownia trees for sale.

Hybrid Paulownia Elongata x Paulownia Fortunei, registered clone Cotevisa 2©.

These mature Cotevisa 2© paulownia trees have an average height of 4 to 6 meters of clean and straight trunk and an average diameter of 10 cm.

Excellent quick growing ornamental shade trees for gardens, landscaping or timber plantations where warm cycles are not long enough to obtain 4-6 meters of straight trunks. Planting these trees on a timber plantation investment could save 4 to 5 years growth on Northern European climate conditions.

Strong rooting system in place. Trees will easily adjust to soil.

Stock only available from November to March, when the trees are dormant. Paulownia trees located in Spain.

The trees are shipped bare rooted.

Minimum order: 50 units. Special prices for large orders.

Please contact us through the form at the bottom of the page for more information on these mature paulownia trees for sale.

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