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Book a visit to our Paulownia plantations.

Don’t take it for granted, come and view it for yourself!

iPaulownia encourages timber investors to come and view the entire paulownia plantations operation for themselves. We organize group tours as well as independent visits to our paulownia plantations and support infrastructure.

Click here, fill the contact form and put “Book a Visit” in the Message Box or any questions that you would like us to answer.

The trip consists of:

1.  Visit to the laboratory

See the birth of our registered paulownia tree! You will be shown around the largest in vitro cultivation laboratory in Spain and second largest in Europe, explaining the micro-propagation process, viewing how paulownia clones are multiplied, understanding the aclimatization process step by step of each clone prior to planting. A fantastic learning experience!

Multiplying paulownia cot2 clones in the laboratory - iPaulownia Visit to the laboratory and paulownia trees in nursery - iPaulownia

2.  Plantation Tours

After learning how our certified paulownia clones are carefully developed and multiplied, we will take you through a number of paulownia plantations with different age ranges, from 0 to 7 years old, to understand paulownia’s growing cycle. Will will also show you available paulownia plantations and tailor made investment opportunities that would match your timber investment requirements.

Clients visiting paulownia plantations - iPaulownia  Cients visiting paulownia plantations in Spain - iPaulownia

3.  Understanding the entire Business Cycle

During your visit we will take you to the saw mills that process paulownia timber, listen to their experience in regards to the quality of our paulownia clone and provide an insight into the wide variety of applications and products for which paulownia is suitable. We will show you some examples of these products.

This will bring to life the entire cycle of the paulownia plantations investment business.

Blinder made out of paulownia in a paulownia plantation - iPaulownia  Paulownia trunk after veneering - iPaulownia

4.  Detailed investment explanation

We will allocate some time during your visit to explain the benefits of  paulownia timber investment and work out some numbers for you.

Join us on this exciting venture and see for yourself the timber investment opportunities available.  Learn about paulownia plantations and its unique timber qualities by visiting us during a long weekend. It will be a full weekend’s learning experience but led in a friendly and relaxed way without pressure. You will not regret it!

Click here, fill the contact form and put “Book a Visit” in the Message Box or any other query you may have. We will contact you to answer any of your questions and provide additional information.

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