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For over 25 years Dr Lorenzo Garcia Ferriz, Director of  Cotevisa SL, has assembled a staff of 60 and an exceptional team of scientists and engineers, who have built a reputation, as both innovators, as well as market leaders, in the specialist field of genetic modification for both fruit and forestry species multiplication.

Since 1990 Cotevisa has developed more than 100 different species, exceeding over 60 Million micro propagated plants at the company’s state of the art in vitro laboratory, near Valencia in Spain. With a development capacity of up to 12 million plants, Cotevisa is not only the largest laboratory in Spain; it’s the second largest in the whole of Europe.

With currently 180,000 in vitro paulownia saplings created per week, Cotevisa has firmly established its self globally as the number one producer of paulownia clones. The company own nine of the current existing eleven paulownia clone patents, with a further two patents pending.


Agroindustrial asesores

Agroindustrial asesores

During the last 15 years, the team at Agroindustrial asesores have been at the forefront of the agricultural, forestry and renewable energy sector throughout Europe. Not only do they act as technical expert consultants and advisors to individuals, companies and local government bodies, but Agroindustrial asesores investigates and develops different techniques from vine cultivation to fine tuning the performance of fruit, industrial and timber production.




Innovacion forestal (iforestal) is a company formed by professionals from different sectors of the timber industry, not only forestry engineers, biologists, firebreakers and reforestators but also biomass producers leading the industry in new commercial heating technologies. To date the company has planted and managed in excess of 2500 hectares of almond, olive and paulownia plantations, as well designing and implementing over 300 renewable energy facilities. Together, they have created a timber Quality Stamp (QWF) to ensure an outstanding environmentally and profitable growth of the plantations they will be supporting.


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Desarrollos agroenergeticos

Desarrollos Agroenergeticos is a company formed by agricultural, wine making and biomass  producers amongst others, who investigate and develop sustainable energy plantations to contribute towards the World’s strategy on climate change. Due to high energy demand and its cost, Desarrollos agroenergeticos specialises in maximising environmental energy to reduce costs. Developing projects at government and national level, it aims to change the entire heating system for public organisations such us swimming pools, hotels, etc. Dae also own large solar panel plantations.

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