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Not a Hedge Fund, more a Tree Fund


At Paulownia Ltd we are focused on planting paulownia trees at our sites in Spain to meet the market demand for timber. We have already made a great start and are seeking to expand in cooperation with our partners and the investment community.

Of course we are not a “hedge fund” 🙂 and neither are we a “tree fund” yet, although we are looking at the possibility of launching a fund at some stage.  In the meantime we are offering a timber investment opportunity which exploits the benefits of paulownia, the fastest growing hardwood available.

We facilitate timber investment in a flexible way. For the investor we can source land and provide a complete management service including land preparation, irrigation, planting and full care of the plantation through to cropping and delivery to end users.  The investor can select a plan to suit their appetite, the size of the land, number of trees, duration of the investment and whether to rent or buy the land.

With timber investment set to provide solid returns over the next decade, see Jeremy Grantham’s forecast, paulownia is just the right timber product to take full advantage of this opportunity.

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Not a Hedge Fund, more a Tree Fund