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Ethical investments really are the future


Investing in ethical assets and projects will always be popular now and in the future, despite some believing that the current interest in philanthropy and green investments may be a fad in response to the economic crisis. Surely, though, it’s simply a cultural response to the knowledge that we all need to make changes in order to reduce climate change and help those affected by war, poverty and, indeed, the impact of climate change.

This can’t just be a fad. I believe there has been a fundamental shift in the way many of us perceive our planet and those we share it with. Sure, the financial crisis may have given us the kick up the butt we needed to realize the error of our ways, but the reaction will last and last.

A growing number of individuals – ranging from the very wealthy to your average man on the street with a few bucks to spare – are looking for ethical investment opportunities. At the very least, most of us are beginning to see the importance of avoiding unethical investments.

Ethical investment opportunities are rising up all over the place in response to this trend. Some of us are choosing to put our cash into impact investment and social enterprise funds that provide low-cost loans to small businesses in deprived areas. Others are investing directly in sustainable forestry projects, like those run by iPaulownia, in order to do their bit to reduce deforestation.

Whatever your reasons and whatever your choice of ethical investment, you are in good company.

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Ethical investments really are the future