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KNOCKER introduce handcrafted wooden SUpS made of paulownia wood

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  By Jon Knocker, CEO and Shaper of KNOCKER SURFBOARDS. After lengthy research and development, I am extremely proud to be able to announce that KNOCKER will be producing eco-friendly, high performance Stand Up paddle Surfboards. The boards will start from £990. Made from just wood, oil and glue, with an FCSII fin system, these chambered boards are designed for surfing with a paddle. Stand Up paddle Surfboards with a small p. My approach to design is to produce high performance, handcrafted boards that are able to meet the unique demands of Stand Up Surfing, both on the wave and during the paddle out. A welcome…

Wooden Paddleboard (SUP) construction and sustainability

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By Randy Bogardus, CEO and Shaper of CLEARWOOD PADDLEBOARDS Wood is an important ingredient in almost all SUPs, even when they appear to be made of newer, exotic materials. Often wood is hidden away under a deck providing strength and durability. Other times you may see the beauty of a thin wood veneer applied to a board made mostly from petrochemicals. While some companies, strive to minimise their environmental impact there is one way that truly is ‘green’… a handmade wooden, hollow board. Clearwood Paddleboards Umpqua. Image Randy BogardusSUPboarder caught up with Randy Bogardus from Clearwood Paddleboards to discuss wooden paddleboard construction and sustainability. And how to get started making your own, wooden SUP. Why wood? I started building…

The Ultimate Agriculture Investment

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Source - Stansberry Research - An interview with Dr. Steve Sjuggerud This idea comes from Dr. Steve Sjuggerud, editor of True Wealth, one of the world's most popular investment advisories. In this interview, Steve reveals one of his all-time favorite "alternative" investments... an asset the average investor has never considered... but that has consistently beaten stocks and bonds over the past 30 years. If you're like most investors, you're looking for ways to earn big, safe long-term returns. This interview will show you a great way to do so... while diversifying your money outside of the U.S. dollar and traditional investments. Stansberry Research: You've done a…
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KNOCKER introduce handcrafted wooden SUpS made of paulownia wood