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Paulownia Timber, Paulownia trees and Timber Investments

Whether you are interested in buying high performing paulownia trees to create your very own timber plantation or are looking to buy paulownia timber from a specialised supplier, iPaulownia is your one stop paulownia web shop.

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Paulownia Ltd is at the centre of an exciting paulownia production and timber investment project located in Spain. Our immediate target is to plant a million paulownia trees in cooperation with our investment community.

We offer fully managed and highly profitable timber investments. Click here and register now to view our paulownia investment plans and available timber plantations for sale.

Paulownia is the fastest growing hardwood on the planet which means that it can be harvested in shorter growth periods than other timber and provide quicker returns for an investor.  Not all paulownia is the same. We plant a trademark protected variety which is cultivated for excellent timber quality to enhance its value as a quality timber investment.

Our paulownia plantations are managed under the supervision of our agroscience advisors and will be stamped with the QWF Quality Certificate regulated by Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture and recognised by the European Union (Department of Agriculture).

In summary, Paulownia Ltd not only supplies high quality paulownia plants and paulownia timber for sale but also offers the opportunity of investing into a managed and tailor made paulownia plantation with a quality certificated variety that will command the best prices in the marketplace for the investor.

If timber investment is part of your portfolio investment plan, click here and register now.

If you are looking to create your own plantation and wish to purchase our specific registered quick growing hybrid paulownia clone, please contact us or visit our paulownia shop.

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